How does José Andrés come up with new dishes?

Creativity can come in many forms. Examples: I may go to Seattle to work next to Dale Chihuly and watch him in his studio blow glass. Out of watching him work and watching him paint, the work that he will pass to his artisans that then they will re-create his painting, creation, me and my team will learn. And actually I was able to cook with Dale Chihuly, and we did an entire menu inspired completely by his work.

We did the Chihuly Garden, which was this amazing caramel that had inside an entire drop of olive oil. This is probably the first time in history that olive oil was caramelized, re-creating his amazing glass-blowing sculptures, and put into a plate that looked like a beautiful garden in the same way he has shown his masterpieces across the world.

Or I may go to Boston and I may go to Harvard or MIT, and I may meet a scientist like Mr. Bush, who has been one guy that knows everything there is to know about water surface tension. Through him sharing with me and my team everything he knows about water surface tension, we have been working on two or three dishes for the last year and a half.

Or I may get a history book on the early 1800s in America, and I see that there was an oyster catcher. And that oyster catcher may be a moment of, “Why not start doing sauces with oysters?” Creativity starts at any moment. You have to be working in order for it to happen; nothing will ever happen at the beach under the sun. And you have to be aware because things pass in front of us all the time.

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