How does José Andrés describe his cooking?

When people ask me to describe my cuisine, it is very much almost an impossible answer. Why? Because I don’t see myself as a chef, I see myself as a storyteller. I’m not a good painter. I’m not a good singer. I’m a terrible writer. But I can cook. My way to tell stories is through my dishes, and where I try to listen, to learn, to smell, to travel, to learn about other cultures. Once I believe I have a story, this may be the moment I open a restaurant — not as a business, but as a way to share that story with the people.

So I may have a Mexican restaurant, I may have a great Spanish restaurant. But then I have a mini-bar, which is very much what we have here in the back: six seats, four or five cooks, 30 courses. But this is not about the long meal; this is about avant-garde cooking, about moving food and the way we understand food today forward. So you see, I’m a chef, but a chef with many faces is like light coming through a prism.

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