What are José Andrés’ favorite foods?

I don’t have a favorite food because I only have one life. There’s only so many times I can eat. And to me, every moment of eating is a precious moment, because I never know when it’s the last time I’m going to be eating something. I don’t know when I’m going to be eating the last beautiful early-summer cherries from where I was born, or when I’m going to be eating the pine nuts from the pine tree when they’re green and they look like a crystal ball, and it’s the most unique pine nut in the history of mankind. Or a baby peach, when you can put the whole thing in your mouth and bite even into the seed, and it’s astonishing.

So I try never to replicate a dish. My wife and my kids will ask me, “Daddy, do this.” Every time I do a dish twice, it’s almost [like] I’m wasting my time. Even I understand that part of being a chef and having restaurants is duplicating, but me personally, as a person, as an entity away from my restaurants, I have a hard time repeating dishes as an eater, and even as a chef. I get bored.

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