What are Karen Hatfield’s favorite hotels?

I think it’s different in every city. If I’m going to a really grand city like Paris, I think we want to stay in an amazing hotel — whether it’s a historic hotel or kind of a new hot hotel, I think I look for that more. Whereas if I’m going somewhere a little bit closer to home or if it’s more of a family vacation or something simpler, I might be looking for something more authentic to the area, maybe more of a bed and breakfast, maybe more of a rustic inn. But I don’t know that we’ve ever stayed in the same place twice. We like to try new things always — hotels and restaurants. As chefs, we don’t get to go to that many of the same restaurants twice. I think going to new hotels is so exciting and so much fun.

I will say that I’ve been a few times to Hotel Costes in Paris. It was just the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. This was a while ago, when I was going to Paris more. I felt like at the time it was a hotel that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. I just couldn’t be there enough. It was original — the rooms, the food and the whole experience, whether you were in the lounge, anywhere there. It’s a great location, and that always counts. I couldn’t wait to go back there.

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