What are Kate Somerville's favorite cities to visit?

I just love that you can go to Washington, D.C. and hear every language. You feel the importance of what that city has done for the country and the world — just going to the monuments, you can feel the power and history there. I also love how Chicago is New York-like, but it’s really clean. It’s got that Midwestern mentality, so everyone is just so friendly and you feel at home.
On my small-town girl list, there’s Wailea in Hawaii. It’s the most spiritual place I’ve ever been. At the end of Wailea is a place called Makena that ends at the lava fields. You can go on the beach, and it’s black — it’s almost like you’re on Mars because the volcano has taken everything out. And then you have this turquoise-blue water — it’s just magic.
Carpinteria [California] is next to Montecito. It’s primarily Hispanic; my mom grew up there, and it’s gorgeous. It’s just really beautiful and quaint. They’re starting to build it up with cute little restaurants. It’s a cute little surf town, basically. There are a lot of ranches. So you’ve got this kind of cowboy-surfer vibe.

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