What are Kate Somerville’s on-the-go beauty secrets?

The last time I was at QVC, I was up for 42 hours straight. A lot of times I’m on-air, so I don’t like to eat. Pressed Juicery in New York and L.A. does a special juice they ship to me every time I go to QVC. I know that sounds a little diva-like, but it literally keeps me going. It keeps my skin clear, and a lot of times you can’t eat healthy when you travel, so it really keeps raw nutrients and greens in me and B vitamins. I do that and I drink a lot of water. My favorite thing to do is to take enzymes with my meals, so travel doesn’t tax my digestive system. I also take a lot of probiotics. I try to stay on the West Coast time zone so that when I come back, it’s not that hard to adjust.

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