What does Kate Somerville always travel with?

My DermalQuench Liquid Lift — that’s No. 1, the Mach3 Razor because I like a really good shave, my Deep Tissue Repair cream, and Wen hair products by Chaz Dean — he makes a shampoo and conditioner in one. He has these little packets that you can just throw in there with you, and they’re already the amount that you need. Flip -flops, a good sweater, my iPhone filled with family and friend photos, and my iPad. I bring my iPad for movies because sometimes the flight doesn’t have movies. But a little tip: I put Neosporin in my nose, because if your nose gets really dry, you get fissures and bacteria goes in there. So it keeps you from getting sick.

And then I do these meditation cards every single day. They’re like my vitamin. Sometimes, if I’m rushing out I don’t do them in the morning, but they’re in my bag, and I just kind of close my eyes, do a little prayer and I pick one. It tells you the focus of the day. Today I got, “Letting go and let in God,” and it just tells you to trust. It has a whole explanation on the back and really pretty art. It’s a book by Melody Beattie called The Language of Letting Go.

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