Where does Kate Somerville like to shop while traveling?

I’m typically in Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora because that’s where my brand is. So I always check out what’s new in those stores. Some of my favorite stores are off the beaten path, like in London my favorite store is AllSaints. It’s also my favorite clothing brand, and they originated there and I found them there. I love Stephen Webster in L.A. He does fine jewelry, but it’s kind of rock ’n’ roll. So earthy, with an edge, and everything means something. He’s really famous for this fishbone necklace that’s all diamonds — it’s gorgeous. I hike a lot and Mountain Hardwear has the best stuff. It’s the best gear ever. Chloé is my favorite splurge, her bags. Another one I’m going to say is, I love Target. I literally never walk out spending less than $300 there.

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