What are Katrina Markoff’s favorite travel destinations?

Paris is a classic for me because I went to school there [Le Cordon Bleu] and it’s where I got my first love of cuisine. I also find it so enchanting. It is one of the most enchanted, bohemian, café-culture, architecture-minded, foodie centric, design-centric cities — it’s everything I really love and value in a city. I also love Nashville because I went to school there [at Vanderbilt University]. I love southern culture, and I love the little hidden gems of music spots, old little diners — the kind of places where there’s just so much charm. I love Nashville quite a bit, but I’m not that much of a city person.
One of the best travel experiences I’ve had was in Croatia. I went there and I thought the food was probably the best I’ve had in the whole world, honestly. I couldn’t believe the olive oil. It was the most spectacular, world class, never-tried-anything-like-it olive oil. The calamari was unbelievable. There are a million islands and you get on a boat and visit all these little islands. We had a ship captain take us to the best restaurants on each one of the islands. Make a stop on the island Luka Sipan. Kod Marka is the best Dalmatian restaurant in Croatia — a true food experience. When I travel it’s all about the food.
Sicily is another place I love. It’s one of the best food places I’ve visited. In Sicily I came across this meat and chocolate festival on the Amalfi Coast. They had a whole day celebrating meat and chocolate! I found the most incredible pistachios in Sicily, they only harvest them every two years and they have super high oil content. They taste amazing and they’re bright bright bright green. Instead of being hard, they’re soft because they have so much oil in them and it makes them taste so good. They make an amazing pistachio pesto there.

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