What is Katrina Markoff’s new chocolate line Wild Ophelia all about?

It’s basically what I’m calling an American road trip through chocolate. It’s bringing together chocolate and the local farmer’s movement that’s been popular for some time. We’re working with different food artisans and esteemed farms that are doing really great things. The line named after this girl Ophelia who I kind of made up as a spirited younger sister to Vosges — younger and maybe a little bit louder. There’s definitely a female aspect to her voice. She’s animated, and I think she’ll be a really good positive role model for women and young girls because I don’t think they have too many. It’s all kind of an interesting play on animation and chocolate and sustainable agriculture. And it has a strong soul and sort of a bigger purpose.
Wild Ophelia is meant to compete with Ghirardelli and Lindt in the premium chocolate space for mass because I didn’t want to put Vosges in that range. I wanted to keep Vosges more precious so I decided to launch this new brand. So we’re telling a strong flavor story that’s rooted in America.

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