What made Katrina Markoff want to create an agro-tourism center in Belize?

We partnered up with a group called Belcampo to do the center; it’s attached to an ecolodge in Belize. We’re planting 3,000 acres of Mayan heritage varietals of cacao, some of the best beans you can plant. It’s very rare that you actually plant your own varietals and that you get to graft what you want to produce. And on top of that, it’s open to the public so you can come down and do a one-day or a five-day professional class with me on how to make chocolate.
If you’re interested in getting into the chocolate business, or if you’re just a foodie hobbyist, you can go down there and really learn the process of fermenting. There’s also this huge garden with all heritage Mayan fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The garden feeds the restaurant in the hotel — it’s just a really cool project.

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