How did Kevin Boehm pick Seaside, Florida, to open his first restaurant?

I had grown up in Illinois. I had been in the cold weather all my life and I just wanted to be somewhere warm. So I looked at a map, and California was really far. I was like, “I can afford to get to Florida,” and I stopped in Panama City. My girlfriend at the time said, “You’ve got to see this place 60 or 70 miles from here.” We drove out there one day and I was just amazed by it. I said, “Oh, this is where I want to open.”

I opened my first restaurant in 1992; then I opened up two restaurants there. A company bought me out in 1997, and I had to sign a non-compete. The good news was that I got a good deal, bad news was that had to move away. That’s when I left and I opened in Springfield, Illinois, and in Nashville, Tennessee.

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