How has social media changed Kevin Boehm's business?

It’s really helped out my advertising budget. You know, it’s funny, when social media started just to come about, I think we took a stand on it early and said, “Okay, we realize people are going to be good at this and some people are going to be bad at this, and we need to have a plan for it and be really good at it from the very beginning. We need to develop content so our social media is compelling to people.”

We started out with doing a lot of video. We partnered with a film company and started doing video episodes for every restaurant that we would open as part of our PR. I think the whole social media experience helps market our restaurants and take us from this small, local restaurant group to a restaurant group that has national exposure. It’s actually really helped us. If you look at the amount of followers that Stephanie Izard and Giuseppe Tentori have, we’re reaching out to people on a daily basis. And we take all of these opportunities where people mention our restaurants to create different ways of showing better hospitality to them.

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