What are Kevin Boehm’s favorite cities?

I love this little town called Seaside, Florida. It’s most famous for being the set for The Truman Show. It’s this little, tiny area called Highway 30A in the Florida panhandle. Florida is kind of interesting, but Seaside is like no other place in the state. It’s all cottages. There are no high-rises and no franchises. There’s a requirement within Seaside that the owners of all of the art galleries and restaurants must actually live there. So it’s this really cool town. It has great shops. It sits right on the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches are incredible. I usually rent a house there once a year.

I love going to Cabo with my family and stay at Esperanza, which is part of Auberge Resorts and is just so fabulous. Cabo is cool for a few reasons. One, Esperanza is just amazing. The food is very good; there are some great restaurants down there. I love the service; there’s great hospitality at Esperanza. There’s a lot to do and interesting things to do with the kids — horseback riding, riding the dolphins, I mean I love it all.

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