What are Larry Echaverry’s favorite New York City nightlife spots?

Start with Jimmy’s. If you’re familiar with it, it’s in The James Hotel in SoHo. 1OAK is definitely a very cool and hip place. Double Seven is very cool and loungey with great margaritas and drinks. You must go to Provocateur, which is in the Meatpacking District. There’s two new clubs in the Chinatown area. If you’re familiar with Chinatown and the hidden street alleys, right in the middle of that you’ll see a big gentlemen’s den and a front door, and you’ll think, “What is this?” It’s a bar/lounge. The name of it is Apotheke. On Wednesday nights, you need a secret password to get in. The other nights, you can get a walk-in if you’re lucky. Right around the corner is Le Baron. It’s a bar/lounge. If you show up in a suit or nice skirt, don’t even try it. You will not get in. You can’t come from the office with your Wall Street look. Put on some baggy Levi’s jeans.

You must go to Avenue A, which is also in the Meatpacking District. If you ask me about really, really underground places with no names, I could give you a few. There’s a new one called Bathtub Gin. It’s behind a coffee shop. You think you’re walking in to drink coffee, and it’s a different world. There’s Please Don’t Tell, which has a phone booth entrance. The Little Branch and The Greenhouse are two new bars to go to as well. PK1 on the Lower East Side — which is very hard to get into — is really good too. Beauty & Ethics is another one that you must go to.

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