What are Larry Stone’s favorite cities?

I’ll start with Vienna, because of the music, the food and the art. I also have family and wonderful memories there. It has a great market and it’s also physically beautiful. I studied there in college — I lived there about a year and a half and studied German.

Paris, for all the obvious reasons: food, beauty, art, the people.

Hong Kong for food, the business, antiques, the culture. I wish I had more of a chance to get into Mainland China. I’d love to go to Shanghai. I grew up in a very integrated community, and I have a great appreciation for the cultures of China and Japan. Hong Kong overall is very fascinating and bustling.

I love Tokyo too, and Japan in general. People should go to Kyoto and visit the various temples there. Mount Hiei is also worth a visit; it’s near Kyoto. It has a very beautiful monastery that was a founding one for Japanese Buddhism.

And I also love Vancouver, British Columbia — just to walk around, it’s very beautiful.

I don’t even look at New York as a leisure place for travel, I go there frequently for business. But it’s just so awesome in every respect. New York is unbeatable.

Finally, I go to Hawaii almost once a year to relax. I stay at the Kapalua Resort on Maui.

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