What are Larry Stone's favorite hotels?

I know people like to go to elegant hotels and have these luxury experiences, but for me it’s a useful place to drop my stuff off and go explore. But one of my favorite hotels is the L’Hôtel De Beaune in the town of Beaune in Burgundy. It’s a great little hotel — it’s beautifully appointed and small and quiet. And it’s right on the town square, so I’m in the heart of things once I get there.

I love Turtle Inn, one of Francis Ford Coppola’s resorts in Belize. It’s right on the water, and you can walk out the door and get someone to take you on a boat to go scuba diving or you can lounge on the beach. It’s very quiet — there are no modern phones or televisions. Turtle Inn has that rustic, peaceful calm about it.

If I’m going to stay in a big hotel in New York or Tokyo, I’ll stay at the Four Seasons, the JW Marriott, or a Ritz-Carlton. I used to work for Four Seasons, so I have a special affinity for them. Otherwise I look for individual little hotels. I stayed in The James recently in New York and it’s a wonderful little place downtown not far from Canal Street. It’s got a great staff and is very peaceful — it gave me the small hotel feel in a sophisticated way. And it’s right near SoHo, so you can get to Balthazar, or Corton or David Bouley’s restaurant.

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