What are Larry Stone’s favorite restaurants?

In New York, I love Daniel and Bar Boulud — both are a lot of fun to visit, as well as Corton and Babbo. In L.A., I love Patina in the Walt Disney Concert Hall downtown. I like all of the Nobu restaurants, and the Morimoto restaurants. Morimoto in Napa is just a fantastic restaurant. In Sonoma, I like Cyrus. And of course in my backyard [Napa], there’s French Laundry by Thomas Keller.

In San Francisco there’s so many! There’s RN74, one of Michael Mina’s projects with Rajat Parr. RN74 is a great marriage of food and wine in a more casual environment. Then there’s Shelley Lindgren’s SPQR, a Roman-style trattoria that is a little more casual and sedate than the restaurant she has in the Marina District on Chestnut Street, which is A16. But I like A16 very well too. Finally, I like the nuanced Vietnamese cuisine of The Slanted Door by Charles Phan.

I could give you a list of hundreds, maybe thousands of restaurants because so many people are out there doing great things. It’s hard for me to choose where to go. I just ate at Quince, Michael Tusk’s place. And it was phenomenal. It was perfectly run, with great service and great food. They also have David Lynch, one of the best sommeliers in the country for Italian wine.

And if you are in Seattle, you should go to Salumi, which is owned by Mario Batali’s father. It’s a sausage place that makes sandwiches in the Pioneer Square district. It’s incredible. People stand in line to get them. The sausages and sandwiches are so well made. I also love Canlis in Seattle.

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