What are Larry Stone's favorite wines?

There are two regions that I love a lot. I love Gaja Barbaresco and Vietti Barolo, the Piemonte wines. When my wife and I celebrated our first anniversary we went there as a second honeymoon because our first one was such a disaster. We were poor and I took her on a camping trip and it did not end well. So I took her to Piemonte the next year because I love those wines, the Barbarescos, the Barolos. And I had already met owner Angelo Gaja at the time and I’ve continued a long relationship with him — the family is fantastic at making wine. And Vietti is just remarkable too.

The first wines I bought professionally were from Austria, as I spent a lot of time tasting wines when I studied there as a college student. I think grüner veltliner and rieslings from Prager are phenomenal — I love those two varieties from the Wachau region of Austria. I also love the Kracher dessert wines from Neusiedlersee in Burgenland, Austria. And of course everything from Oregon, Burgundy and California. There’s just so much great wine these days it’s hard to pin down what’s not good.

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