What does Larry Stone look for when he smells the wine?

I look at the color and the clarity and the brilliance and the depth of the color. When you smell it you have to clear your mind because if you think you’re going to smell something then you’re going to read into it. Your mind is very powerful so you can actually smell things that you are creating in your mind rather than what’s in the glass. Let the impression come to you. It could be that the wine has a beautiful floral aroma; it could be that the wine has fruitiness to it or it could be that the wine has a minerality. Or it could be the wine has a defect — maybe it has a sulphur smell or a skunky smell or something else. You have to receive the impression, you can’t look for something. Clear your mind and see what it gives you and just smell it. You have to trust your senses.

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