Does Martin Miller think it’s important to stay ahead of competition?

People are critical; I believe they are. What I’m doing at the moment on the hotel front is actually coming back into fashion because minimalism has been with us for maybe 20 years. Now, I suppose, a lot of people are getting a little bit tired of the blandness and they actually want something that’s visually articulate that they can wonder at a little bit more. My style fills that. Like, when did you last see the wallpaper style? I fill every inch. It could be conceived as clutter in somebody’s eyes, but I seem to have a way of putting it together that looks as if it’s naturally evolved. And it doesn’t look like it came out of an old curiosity shop. And then you’ve got to get that over to people, that you are something different. I’d rather have a smaller number people who really love what I’m doing than try to go for the big market.

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