What does Martin Miller think makes a successful entrepreneur?

There had been days when I knew nothing about the industry I was going into. Now that may well deem to be foolhardy; but I have always believed that if you see a niche market and you don’t have the expertise, it shouldn’t keep you from going into that market because you can buy expertise very easily. And you don’t necessarily have to have it yourself.  You just have to know how to channel it. In one way, that’s my philosophy on getting into areas I knew nothing about.

Then of course there are lots of [reasons] I’m not probably an entrepreneur because I’m not really focused, and I’m very lucky. I’ve bumbled through and I’ve done very nicely. I think to be a really true entrepreneur, you’ve got to have enormous amounts of dedication and focus. I’m happy with hard work and I tend to do the things I enjoy, and other people do the things I don’t enjoy or don’t think I’m very good at.

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