What have been some of Martin Miller’s biggest career struggles?

Because all of the hotels I’ve done are very individual, they take a lot more effort in management because a lot of hotels have basically a formula. And then you have the rooms I tend to do, and there are a lot of issues in cleaning and really, you’re managing mini-museums. I think that’s the best way of putting it, rather than hotels. No one really does it to the extent that I do it because we do put an enormous number of items in the establishment, and that’s something most people never do because they think it will be stolen. That’s something I’ve never really experienced. Luckily enough, all the years I’ve been doing it, hardly anything ever gets stolen. Somehow they tend to respect it. It’s not all screwed to the walls, and there are things that are very venerable. I still have this belief that most people are actually honest, and I’ve been lucky enough in that respect. The fact that they know it’s someone’s personal collection and interest, they think twice about it because they appreciate it’s not just corporation, and if anything goes from a corporate hotel they don’t worry; they just put the prices up next year.

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