What’s Martin Miller’s next project?

I’m going to put up a big mansion house on the border of Wales in Herefordshire, which at the moment is an artists’ retreat where artists can come and hide away or have a gallery. I’m really formulating that, and that will be opening in April and it will be called Martin Miller’s House of Curiosity. It’s not going to be a hotel as such; I’m trying to move out of the hotel area and get people to understand what we’re doing. What we’re doing is having it as a hotel that people can come stay there and eat there, but it’s run very much as an English country house — but not the butler-stuffy country house. You get the style, the service and the food, but there is an eclectic, romantic casualness about it. I had a hotel which has now been converted into something else called Miller’s Residence; and that place was very unusual, and we had lots of wild guests stay there because they enjoyed the fact that there was nothing else like it. When it closed down, I could never send them anywhere else because it was a very special place. I think it’s very sad that people don’t go out on a limb anymore. They don’t risk aspiring design that has such a wow factor to it, but they have to be ambitious at the end of the day.

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