What are Michael Lomonaco's favorite cities?

I really love to travel to Rome and Paris. I feel very at home in those two places. Those are both places I’ll book a last-minute ticket to if I have a week off and I haven’t planned anything. I don’t have to do the sightseeing things, but I can really just kick back and do the things that are the most fun in those cities, which is trying to feel like a Roman and trying to feel like a Parisian. My Italian-American family loves Italy. Even though my family is in Sicily, I think Rome has this magical appeal. It’s not cutting edge, but it’s like a second home in some ways. And I’ve always been a Francophile since junior high school French. While I’ll never be a Parisian, I just love watching them and seeing how they live. London is also a very exciting city. When we were working on opening Center Bar [in New York], I spent more time in London than any place else, although Paris was important too. Everywhere you go in London, even today, there’s just great style. Domestically, I love San Francisco. Because New York is my hometown, San Francisco has this real vibe for me and I can never get enough of it. There’s so many other things you can do nearby — go to wine country or go down the Pacific Coast Highway. Then there are places for discovery. I’ll go to Austin or New Orleans or out west to Denver or the mountains; I love Maine and the Adirondacks. Those are my favorite places.

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