What are Michael Voltaggio’s favorite hotels?

It depends on where I am. One hotel I really liked, last year I went to the Sonoma Mission Inn. That’s up, obviously, in Sonoma. It had some cool touches to it. Smaller boutique hotels, I really enjoy. That one, you had a backyard — you had your little villa or room, but you had a backyard. And in your backyard, you had a shower and a bed. It has this sort of indoor-outdoor feel to it.

I like old hotels, too. When I was in Mumbai, I stayed at the Taj; but I stayed in the older side of it. I like being a part of history — I’m kind of weird in that regard. But I also like nice hotels, I guess. I love traveling, and I love sleeping in hotels. There are times when I’ll stay in a hotel in L.A. even though I live here. I’ll drive down to Orange County and stay at the Montage just because I love the smell of the sheets and the pillows — I love hotels.

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