What would Michael Voltaggio serve at his ultimate dinner party?

I think I would like to have a wood-burning oven outside somewhere and have as many different ingredients as possible. [I’d] go to the farmers market and get a bunch of vegetables and a whole fish. I like that piece of equipment, that oven, because: A. the flavor that you get around wood is delicious, but B. you can just put anything in there.

I had mussels the other day that were roasted in an oven, and to be honest with you, I’d never had mussels roasted in an oven before. I’ve had them always sautéed. There was something about how the shells smoked a little bit in the oven and gave the mussels a different flavor.

I’m really into wood oven anything. So I’d just say a wood oven surrounded by a lot of different ingredients and a bunch of people kind of just throwing them in and making different things out of them.

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