Miranda Whitcomb Pontes



Acclaimed restaurateur, Miranda Whitcomb Pontes is an explorer who’s always thinking of home. Originally from New Orleans, Pontes relocated to Nashville and brought her love for natural, simple food with her. She founded Frothy Monkey, a local organic coffee bar serving equally delicious tea and food, in 2004. Several years later, after pioneering Burger Up, Pontes sold Frothy Monkey and set her sights on another restaurant endeavor — Josephine, which opened in December 2013 with a meticulous chef’s menu of five select courses that include delicacies such as quail with sweet potato, pumpernickel, sage and pickled raisins; pine-smoked duck confit with toasted farro, cranberry and Brussels sprouts; and an assortment of sweets and cheeses. All of her restaurants have been just a few blocks apart, and all on the same street — Nashville’s 12th Avenue South. A neighborhood lover at heart, Pontes is on a mission to foster thoughtful consuming through community. Quality ingredients, careful hospitality, and an eye for style characterize Pontes’ unique vision of where Nashville has been and where it is going.