What are Miranda Whitcomb Pontes’ favorite cities to visit?

There are so many places I love; but I love Jackson Hole, Wyoming because it’s easy, slow and raw. I love Wyoming for its wide-open space and true cowboys. The terrain is for walking, biking [and] skiing, so there is a connection to me with the land. I cannot help but harbor respect for the land as I focus on staying up on skis, not crashing on a mountain bike, or taking a wrong step. Awareness is acute and superficial stresses become insignificant. Wyoming makes me feel so small, but also a part of something great.

Then of course, I love New York City. New York also makes me feel small, but in an entirely different way. I can feel slightly intimidated by all the people with all their energy, but that energy is also infectious. Wyoming and New York City are polar opposites, but the older I get the more I feel like I’m a contradiction. I find I’m always going from one extreme to seeking reprieve. New York is like a jolt of caffeine; Wyoming is more like chamomile tea.

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