What would Miranda Whitcomb Pontes serve at her ultimate dinner party?

I aspire to be a better cook; but, to me, it’s the people, the environment and the music. Food is just the glue for the experience to happen. I get so fulfilled by the conversation, more than the food. But there would be a grain pasta or a poached fish, a lovely salad. I love putting odd things together in a salad — anything I have around — nuts, cheeses, fresh herbs. I’m a big fan of purple onions. Lately I’ve been making my own dressings and keeping them light. I invested in champagne vinaigrette and quality olive oil. Usually add some citrus and salt, but little else.

And, of course, we’d end the meal with a big decadent dessert with ice cream. I love Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ dark chocolate with fresh mint. Throw a sugar cookie on top to serve as a scooper.

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