What are Nick Griffith’s favorite restaurants?

Gary Menes is my favorite chef — period. His restaurant Le Comptoir has been “popping up” in small spaces that seat around 12 to 14 people for just over a year. He and his sous chef, Wesley Avila, prepare everything right in front of you, omakase. Showcasing ingredients is their specialty. There’s no dress code, no pretense; just some of the best food in L.A.

Few people in L.A. pull off modern cuisine the way Michael Voltaggio does at Ink. The technique never overshadows the ingredients or the flavor, and every dish is like a mini adventure full of unexpected surprises. It has great wines and a solid cocktail program.

If you took recipes from The French Laundry and spliced them into a Vietnamese cookbook, and then used a modern architecture textbook as inspiration for the plating, you still wouldn’t cook as well as Jordan Kahn at Red Medicine. Jordan treats vegetables with the respect commonly reserved for precious stones. Get the Brussels sprouts, seasonal legumes and the banh mi. Wines and cocktails are always on point here.

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