How does Philip Krajeck come up with his menus?

We focus on sourcing protein and vegetables locally, so what we can get from around us tends to dictate a little bit of the direction. From there, we try a couple of things. We have tons of failures trying things. And then something will stick, and we’ll put it on the menu. That’s the really fun part: Actually having the time to screw things up, because that’s when you learn.

The idea behind [my restaurant] Rolf and Daughters was to create a place where I would feel comfortable eating regularly. It’s a warm inviting environment that’s a little bit rowdy. There are great drinks. The Buon Appetito (Campari, Cocchi Americano, grapefruit, lemon and soda water) is an ever-present favorite — bright and refreshing; a great apéritif. Ultimately, we wanted to have things on our menu that we would like to eat and drink. My favorite bites to sneak are of pasta with octopus and lardo, chicken liver pâté with green tomato marmalade and chocolate, and our simple roasted chicken with preserved lemon.

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