What’s the best meal Philip Krajeck has ever had?

My wife and I went to Greece four years ago, and we happened upon a restaurant on the second peninsula of Halkidiki (Sithonia) that was owned by a fisherman. He would cook what he caught every day. And it was so good, we went back a second day. There was this octopus braised in white wine, and it was almost nothing else — that and olive oil from his olive grove that he presses. He caught the octopus, hit it against a rock to tenderize it and cooked it in olive oil. That on a plate, and eating with my daughters, was awesome.

As far as a high-end meal, I had a pretty amazing meal at [Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star] Manresa in [Los Gatos,] California for my 30th birthday. We ordered the tasting menu, and everything about the meal — the service, the progression of the dishes and the wine pairings — was incredible.

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