What are Rajat Parr’s favorite cities to visit?

I guess I should start with Paris — it’s definitely my favorite city in the whole world. I try to go there as often as possible because I go to Burgundy quite a bit. I love walking around Paris, just walking down the river. I love the history, the Louvre, the architecture, the gardens. And, of course, the food. All the small bistros and the haute cuisine.
Then the other city that I truly love — and I just discovered it — is Charleston, South Carolina. I just fell in love with the city, fell in love with the South. It was nice. I’ve been to the South before, but something about the city just kind of caught me. Just the old-school architecture is so neat and pretty, and there’s so much history and everyone’s proud to be from the South. And, of course, I love Southern food.

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