How does Ralf Ohletz interpret Regent Hotels & Resorts’ philosophy?

We need to pay attention and create a story in each destination. One statement that was made at the very beginning by Bob Burns, our honorary chairman, says basically, “The only thing our hotels have in common is that they only deal in luxury and that they’re all different.” I think that’s very much something we’d like to stick to — that we only deal in luxury and that we would like all of our destinations to be destinations because the world has become so alike. Hotels, cars and everything are very similar. It’s very convenient to get what you know. But when you find a hotel that’s all of a sudden distinct in the whole approach, you will remember it. And that is our philosophy: being bespoke and one-of-a-kind. The aspect that all of our hotels have in common — whether you go to a beach resort in Bali or a hotel in a major city — you always feel there’s a common sense of occasion.

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