What are Ralf Ohletz’s favorite cities?

I love Europe. I’ve lived in Asia for 32 years now. I live in Bangkok now and lived in Singapore for 20 years. I believe that — not just because I’m in this business — a lot of people now, because of the electronic advances — iPads and things — you see these days, are not necessarily office-bound; you can do your job anywhere. That makes you almost a global citizen.

I love Paris, I love Florence and, of course, I love London. In these cities, you still have a very unique approach to individual shopping. Globalization has brought about this idea that you can buy your Hermès belt and Gucci shoes at any airport. I remember that 40 years ago, when I bought my first Gucci shoes when I lived in London, I had to fly from London to Rome because there was the Gucci shop on Via Condotti. Today, it’s global brands everywhere, and it makes it, of course, much easier.

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