What’s Ralf Ohletz’s take on Regent Hotels & Resorts’ evolution?

One of the things we do different from the Regent of 30 years ago is that we have a fourth element, which is a bespoke element. Regent was known for good architecture in its time and a good focus on the three B’s: bed, bathroom and breakfast. This is what everyone really experiences in a hotel. Bespoke is the one-of-a-kind element. I wouldn’t say it’s design because anybody can hire any designer; it’s really an attitude in which you have a higher degree of care and customization. You’re dealing with a product that’s custom-made and you focus on the needs of the customer.

The Regent experience is all about the tangible. It’s like a four-legged chair: One is the tangible, design, location, architecture, feeling; one is the intangible, which is how much it all costs; the third leg is the experience, and ours starts at the arrival; the fourth leg is how you position yourself, i.e., we position ourselves in the luxury market. Our philosophy is all about time, space and the ability for our customers to embrace a product that suits their individual preferences.

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