Aside from a chef’s knife, what is Richard Blais’ most important kitchen tool?

I almost feel bad saying it because it’s so cliché, but a spoon. I always travel with a spoon. It’s not just any spoon. Chefs, we sort of collect these spoons. Which is a nice way of saying that we poach them and pinch them from different places. It’s like a lightsaber or sword to a chef. You’d think it’d be a knife, but it’s really these vintage spoons. Even at The Spence, all of the spoons and tableware are different designs that we just randomly collected from antique and thrift shops.

But then the more interesting answer is tweezers, those surgeon tweezers. Probably the instrument du jour are the modern tweezers. I actually couldn’t stand chefs who were plucking tweezers out of their pockets and gently placing little micro greens on dishes with them. But then I started using them, and for a guy who has chubby fingers like myself, tweezers tend to be a really refined instrument to put things on a plate or grab a scallop out of a pan. You find that they’re a good extension of your fingers.

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