What are Rick Moonen’s favorite cities?

I love New Orleans because of its authentic enthusiasm for life, food, music, entertainment — everything. I’m not crazy about the weather certain times of the year, but other than that, it’s great.

I love Vancouver for its embrace of sustainability. There’s just a natural understanding and respect for the environment in that sector of the world. Plus, it’s a really great food city. It’s very enthusiastic about different cuisines. There’s an incredible Chinatown up there, so I love visiting.

How can you describe Seattle, other than bad weather? There’s great food there, great enthusiasm. Maybe to a slightly lesser degree than Vancouver, it has an understanding of sustainability and that mentality and embrace. There’s a deeper respect for the relationship between food and its environment. People, in general, there are just cheerful; they’re nice; they’re very helpful, very accommodating. It’s a welcoming city. 

I like San Francisco for its incredible diversity and excitement. Also, it’s like the entire West Coast seems to have a better understanding of environment.

New York has to be on the list because that’s where I’m from — the Big Apple — and for the excitement of it. I have a deep connection with it because I grew up there, so I understand what I’m dealing with: straight-forward, in your face, here it is, constant change, evolution and everything that New York brings.

Of course, I have to add Paris, one of the romantic cities, an easy one.

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