What does Rick Moonen always have in his refrigerator?

Every Monday, you’re going to find a packed refrigerator because my day off, which is Sunday, is when I cook like crazy. I love to cook like crazy. I start on Wednesday; I ramp up what I’m going to do on Sunday. I try to pick themes. Recently, I purchased a couple of pieces of meat that I bought at the supermarket that I had never seen before on the shelves. It was lamb shoulder and neck. It had a lot of meat on it, so I braised it. So that’s what you would find in my refrigerator right now — that with a celery root puree and some kale.

After the Sunday meal, I will have the remaining food in my refrigerator for the rest of the week. Instead of calling them leftovers, they’re “planovers.” It’s always something that can last, reheat and be delicious.

I’ve also got all kinds of spicy foods in there — chili paste with garlic, of course sriracha, Tabasco and different hot sauces. I have shrimp paste, Thai curry paste and all kinds of bases and flavors. My refrigerator will always have yogurt, butter and lots of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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