What’s the best trip Rick Moonen has ever taken?

I was asked to go to Oaxaca, Mexico, on a challenge. It was a pilot for a television concept where you would take a chef — that being me for this particular situation — who was known for a specific type of cuisine and bring him to a part of the world that is unrelated to that type of cuisine and introduce him to the culture, food palate and flavors of the area. Then I was sent to the market with a budget to purchase a bunch of items that were influential to me. Next, they stuck me on a cruise liner in a galley where I had to cook a meal with the stuff that I bought for the captain and 12 of his invited guests. Although I was working, it was where I met my wife, who I love dearly and who I travel with everywhere right now. So that trip, for what it was and what came of it, was probably my favorite.

It turned out great, and I learned a lot. It told me a lot about myself, too. I mean Oaxaca, Mexico, is deep in history, has so much going on and is so cool — it was very, very inspirational for me.

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