How does Ryan Brown stay ahead of his competition?

What we’re offering is unique. The sort of status quo in coffee is a roaster, and we believe that there is a large class of customers who are unaddressed. Basically, we feel that there is a very high-interest class customer in coffee who is fortunate enough to be extremely overserved by a growing number of options. Then we also feel that there’s this extremely low-interest class that just thinks of coffee as nothing more than the most disgusting possible caffeine boost; we think that that represents a very small group of people in the world. But there’s this large number of people who take coffee and don’t necessarily want the worst but don’t necessarily want to deal with the pretention of the very top.

The Tonx team — myself, Tony Konecny and Nick Griffith — all come from that top crest. We feel like there are a lot of people who want very good coffee and that they should be able to have that in their home and not have to go deal with some of the café situations.

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