How has social media changed Ryan Brown’s business strategy?

Social media has changed this whole thing. I can direct message with coffee producers — from Indonesia to East Africa to Latin America. Something that I’ve been doing on a daily basis is uploading a photo to Instagram a day, at least. I’m kind of showing people the people, the processes, the things involved in us finding our coffees. People seem to get pretty excited about that.

Certain things are more explanative — for example, I uploaded a photo that was the cherry pickings in Ethiopia. They were not the most beautiful cherries: There are some that are slightly less ripe, some that are more ripe and some that clearly have splits in the skin. But it’s okay because it’s the first picking of the season. Usually, you do that and the subsequent pickings will be much cleaner and we’ll have those lower qualities out of the way — it’s just part of the process that surprisingly happens everywhere.

I would definitely say social media is a big thing right now and especially relevant to what I do.

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