What’s the best trip Ryan Brown has ever taken?

A recent trip to Ethiopia was fantastic, regardless of the fact that my luggage never showed up. I flew to Jimma and from there drove up to Agaro, where there are several new washing stations of note. I camped at a couple of them, knowing full well that a tent would beat many of the hotels outside of Addis Ababa. I had been tasting these coffees for a couple of years, but it was my first time visiting. These coffees rank among the best I've ever tasted, and each washing station offers a unique set of flavors and characteristics.

I travel to understand what makes a coffee, and seeing these coffees, from coffee trees indigenous to the land — Ethiopia is regarded as the birthplace of arabica coffee — washed for the first time is the same as them being truly tasted for the first time. For me, this trip was a defining moment. Each trip I take tends to do that to me, though.

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