What does Sara Moulton look for in a restaurant?

The trouble with the cutting-edge restaurants is that you usually can’t get in. If I’m with somebody else who’s a local or knows where to go, it’s great. In that category, a lot of that would be food trucks. My problem with food trucks, even in New York City is, for me, eating is not just about tasting or having wonderful experiences dining — I never ever, ever enjoy eating standing up. I hate food trucks. I know they have some of the best food on the planet, but unless I can pack it up, take it home, sit down, focus on it, eat and talk to somebody else, I am not interested. It’s really frustrating. Likewise, I don’t like these places where you go and they have long tables down the middle of the restaurant where you go and meet strangers. It’s so noisy. I can’t talk to the person I came with. I also hate buffets. Although I like tasting things, I’d rather have a tasting menu than go to a buffet.

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