How does Sean Brock come up with his menus?

Our menus change all the time. Most of the time it’s the same products and the same producers, so the challenge is how can I sort through the things in my head to determine which dish goes to what restaurant. So in knowing that, that’s kind of why we put that set of rules and discipline in place at Husk. You can only buy products from the South, so we have to write the menu every day. That kind of ties our hands a little bit and keeps us from being too creative. You have to cook on the fly — so it’s like a jazz song. You’re just doing it as it happens — it’s in the moment. It’s whatever just kind of falls out of the sky. You don’t think about it; you just cook. Whereas at McCrady’s, we can work on dishes for two weeks to perfect it. So one is the heart, and one is the mind.

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