What are Sean Brock’s favorite restaurants?

Well I really like Craw in San Francisco. I really like all the Momofuku restaurants. I really like this place in New York City called Mas La Grillade. I don’t know why it doesn’t get more attention. It’s just the simple restaurant where everything is cooked over embers or live fires — everything. It’s crazy simple but really, really good. I always eat at this restaurant in New York called Arirang. It’s a Korean restaurant, my favorite Korean place. I love Cochon in New Orleans. That restaurant makes me super, super happy. I love Holeman & Finch and Empire State South in Atlanta. I found this new restaurant in Nashville that I’m crazy about, Rolf and Daughters, and it’s crazy good. I ate there three nights in a row last week. I love Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I love Relae in Copenhagen. That’s a restaurant that intrigues me, and I really look forward to eating there. That’s a pretty good list.

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