What does Sean Brock always have in his refrigerator?

I always have an entire shelf full of pickles, jams, preserves, fermented things. People love giving those things to chefs, and we love accepting them. And then I have half a shelf with nothing but hot sauce. I’m a condiment guy. I’ve got probably about 50 or 60 condiments in my refrigerator. I love condiments. I always, always have American cheese. I like Kraft. I always have pimento cheese. I gotta always have pimento cheese. I always have to have PBR. If there’s no PBR in my fridge, I have a nervous breakdown. And bloody Mary mix. I’m a huge fan of Zing Zang. That’s my fave. They are so good. Also, I have lots of barbecue sauces from my favorite pit masters. I collect those. I always have Benton’s bacon and lots of citrus, garlic. I always have something black truffle, like black truffle paste or black truffle peelings. And then I have a whole section of nothing but Japanese stuff — different misos, different pepper paste, fermented chilies, hot stuff.

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