What makes a successful restaurant to Sean Brock?

I think you have to have a story or a message, and that’s important because you’ve got to have something to believe in to inspire you. But also so do your cooks, so do your servers, because once they understand the story and the message — once they start drinking the Kool-Aid — then they work twice as hard and then they transfer that energy. And now it’s to the guests, and you have to complete the loop. It’s just about having a mission statement, having a goal that everybody agrees upon and can get behind and support and believe in. That’s what it’s all about. Because if your front of the house believes in it, and your cooks believe in it, then the guests are gonna believe in it. And then once the consumer starts believing in something, then they trust you and they’ll eat anything and they want to come back. I think that’s a lesson that I’ve really learned in the past three or four years.

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