Shebnem Ince



As the daughter of an avid wine collector, Shebnem Ince got hooked on wine after her first sip at the young age of eight. Thanks to her father, she was exposed to the classic French wine regions that only deepened her love for the vine. Ince spent nearly two decades in the restaurant business working with well-known chefs such as Tom Douglas (Dahlia Lounge), Paul Kahan (Blackbird) and Michael Kornick (MK). Her most recent restaurant post was as the wine director at The Gage and Henri in Chicago, where she spent six years. In 2013, the sommelier moved on from the stressful restaurant world. Ince joined Craig Perman at Perman Wine Selections, an independent wine shop in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. She continues to work as a private restaurant consultant and freelance wine writer.